USA top Dentists survey recognizes 257 N.H. dentists

MANCHESTER – New Hampshire Magazine shared 257 reasons to smile with the announcement of its 2017 Top Dentists. The list includes specialist and general dentistry practitioners from throughout the state. In celebration, New Hampshire Magazine hosted a reception to honor and recognize winners on Thursday, Aug. 17, at Manchester Country Club.

In its 14th year honoring New Hampshire dentists, New Hampshire Magazine commissioned professional polling firm, USA topDentists, to ask New Hampshire’s dental community to vote on the state’s top dental specialists. The 2017 list is based on thousands of detailed evaluations of dental professionals by their peers.

“We always enjoy this opportunity to showcase New Hampshire’s top dentists,” said Rick Broussard, editor of New Hampshire Magazine. “Dentistry plays such a vital role in maintaining our state’s good health and the best dental offices are active players in local community life. We thank our list of 2017 winners for coming out to celebrate their achievements with us.”

Top vote-getters

• Douglas H. Moll (Concord) – Endodontics

• James P. DeLeo IV (Manchester) – General Dentistry

• Mark G. Hochberg (Manchester) – Oral Surgery

• Even D. Shieh (Amherst) – Orthodontics

• Andrew Cheifetz (Amherst) – Pediatrics

• Michael D. Neal (Bedford) – Periodontics

• Paul J. Connolly (Bedford) – Prosthodontics

The complete list of local 2017 Top Dentists are:


• Douglas J. Elliott, Elliott Orthodontics

• Ralph Guercio, Merrimack Dental Associates

• James V. Savickas


• Joseph Cariello, Dovetail Dental Associates

• Andrew T. Cheifetz, Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire

• Stephen J. Clark, Family-Focused Dentistry

• Cara Coleman, Coleman Family Dental Care

• Matthew C. Leighton, Family-Focused Dentistry

• James C. McAveeney, Children’s Dental Center of New Hampshire

• Even D. Shieh, Amherst Orthodontics


• Marshall A. Baldassarre, Baldassarre Oral Surgery & Periodontal Center

• Pamela Z. Baldassarre, Baldassarre Oral Surgery & Periodontal Center

• Ashley A. Brown, Lindner Dental Associates

• Nina B. Casaverde, Lindner Dental Associates

• Paul J. Connolly, Bedford Center for Prosthodontics

• Debra M. Dunn, Bedford Village Dental

• Luis S. Englander, Lindner Dental Associates

• William Guthrie, Bedford Dental Care

• John R. Herrin, New Hampshire Center for Periodontics

• Heidi L. Kurland, Lindner Dental Associates

• Adam J. Lankford, Bedford Dental Care

• Henry E. Lemieux, Preferred Family Dental

• Gary S. Lindner, Lindner Dental Associates

• Rochelle H. Lindner, Lindner Dental Associates

• Rachel McKee, Lindner Dental Associates

• Deborah M. Munoz, Bedford Center for Prosthodontics

• Michael D. Neal, Bedford Commons Periodontics

• Tracy Pogal-Sussman, Lindner Dental Associates

• Nicholas C. Rizos

• Christiane M. Rothwangl, Rothwangl Dental Care

• David J. Shane, Lindner Dental Associates

• Lesleyann M. Splagounias, Lindner Dental Associates


• William L. Gagnon, Hudson Dental Associates

• Mehrbod Kharazi, Hudson Endodontics

• Christine T. Lonegan, Hudson Dental Associates


• Joshua T. Osofsky, Family Dental Care of Milford

• K. Drew Wilson, Family Dental Care of Milford


• Slava Abdelrehim, Greenwood Dental

• Aneesa L. Al-Khalidi, Granite State Endodontics

• William A. Bilodeau

• Scott F. Bobbitt

• Cameron Braasch, NHOMS

• Harjeet S. Brar, Fisichelli, Beach & Brar Family Dentistry

• Suren Chelian, Chelian Orthodontics

• Salvatore F. Colletta, Nashua Smile Makers

• Sotirios Diamantis, Lowell & Nashua Oral Surgery Associates

• John W. Diune, Southern New Hampshire Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry

• Mukunda Dogiparthi, Sterling Smiles

• Jeffrey N. Fasulo, Fasulo & Lafontaine

• Amy D. Field, Lowell & Nashua Oral Surgery Associates

• Elliot R. Goldberg

• David J. Greene, Greene and Torio

• Salvatore Guerriero, Nashua Smile Makers

• Michael J. Hochberg

• Donna L. Kalil, Kalil & Kress Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

• Beth A. Kress, Kalil & Kress Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

• Robert J. LaRocque

• Keith Levesque, Levesque Family Dentistry

• Tara Levesque-Vogel, Levesque Family Dentistry

• John C. Machell

• Craig J. McLaughlin

• Nader Moavenian, NHOMS

• Eliot L. Paisner, Paisner Dental Associates

• Michael J. Paisner, Paisner Dental Associates

• Hugh R. Phillis

• Charles Pipilas

• Todd G. Pollack

• Jeffrey D. Stone, Lowell & Nashua Oral Surgery Associates

• A. Jose Torio, Greene and Torio

• Thomas A. Trowbridge, Lowell & Nashua Oral Surgery Associates

• Stephen C. Ura, Center for Dental Excellence

• Randall G. Viola, Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

• Harvey Weener, Landmark Dental Care

• Judith A. Whitcomb, Nashua Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry


• Paras Gosalia, Monadnock Orthodontics

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