Bedford students get immigration lesson on ‘Ellis Island Day’

Editor’s Note: This is a monthly column offering the inside scoop on academic achievements, upcoming meetings and more happenings in the Bedford School District.

Students attending all three elementary schools in Bedford recently participated in a day of activities designed to teach them about New York’s famed Ellis Island.

“​​Ellis Island Day,” was an ​experiential ​culmination of the fourth grade ​“​Coming to America​”​ unit of study.

This unit is taught ​to all fourth-grade students ​by our enrichment teacher​s​, Mrs. Schmitt at Memorial School, Mrs. Speaker at Peter Woodbury School and Mrs. Parker at Riddle Brook School.​

They are supported by the entire fourth grade teaching staff, through interdisciplinary lessons in the classroom.

​In this unit, ​students ​learn from their families ​​about their ancestors, they select a country of origin to research in depth,and then take on the persona of a selected​ immigrant arriving to Ellis Island in the year 1917. The experience for students is one that will not be forgotten!

​For more information on Ellis Island Day and to view photo slideshows from each school, visit our individual school websites​ following links from our district website, https://sites.google.com/a/


Upcoming School Board and hearing dates:

• Jan. 23: 6-8 p.m. School District

Dialogue, Bedford Town Library (Richmond Room).

• Feb. 13: 6-8 p.m. School District Dialogue, Bedford Town Library (Richmond Room).