Bedford resident Micaela Healy participates in prestigious internship program

Bedford resident Micaela Healy participates in prestigious internship program at Washington Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

From January 22nd to May 31st, Micaela Healy, a resident of Bedford, New Hampshire participated in the internship program at Washington Performing Arts in Washington D.C. in the Education department. Washington Performing Arts is one of the nation’s leading performing arts presenters, bringing internationally acclaimed artists to stages across Washington, D.C. and engaging the local community through award-winning education programs. The internship program at Washington Performing Arts is tailored toward motivated, creative, and hard-working individuals interested in a career in arts management.

While at Washington Performing Arts,  Micaela is working on the award-winning Embassy Adoption Program (a partnership with D.C. Public Schools) in the Education department and coordinating the partnerships of 85 D.C. classrooms with 83 Embassies and Global Partners. She manages the logistics of all class travel, and works to help each class meet the educational goal of learning about the culture, politics, language, and arts of their adopted country.

“Washington Performing arts has been the perfect merger of my education with my love for arts and education. I’m not only doing work I enjoy, but work I can see making a difference in my community. It’s incredible being able to work with an organization that supports community like WPA does.”

Before joining WPA, Micaela has been a tutor in Politics, English, and French at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She has supported the arts on her own campus in the university’s theater club. After graduating this spring, she plans to apply to graduate school for translation and interpretation in New York City and pursue further ties with the arts.


One of the most established and honored performing arts institutions in America, Washington Performing Arts has more than a half-century history of serving artists, audiences, students, and civic life. The city is truly our stage: in venues ranging from concert halls and clubs to public parks, we present a tremendous range of artists and art forms, from the most distinguished symphony orchestras to both renowned and emerging artists in classical music, jazz, international genres, and more.

Washington Performing Arts deeply values its partnerships with local organizations and other arts institutions. Through events in myriad performance venues and neighborhoods, Washington Performing Arts engages international visiting artists in community programs and introduces local artists to wider audiences. We place a premium on establishing artists as a continuing presence in the lives of both young people and adults through residencies and educational programs.

  Our achievements have been recognized with a National Medal of Arts and with two Mayor’s Arts Awards from the D.C. Government. We have embarked upon our next half-century with the goals of expanding our commitment to excellence and rededicating ourselves to the motto of our founder, Patrick Hayes: “Everybody in, nobody out.”

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