LAER Cares: Bedford Real Estate Company Gives Back in a Big Way

Peter Beauchemin, a founder and managing partner of Beauchemin & Associates, a subsidiary of LAER Realty Partners, believes that the greatest payoff of his agency’s success is his ability to give back to the community that supports him. “I want to reinvest in Bedford so it continues to be the kind of place people want to move to,” intimated Beauchemin in a phone interview.

And Reinvest they do. From sponsoring youth athletics, to donating to events for area schools, to leading and participating in local activities and charitable efforts, Beauchemin & Associates dig deep into their hearts and pockets to contribute time and money to make Bedford a stronger community.

Recently Peter was recognized in a photo-op with organizers from Bedford Little League, for this year’s generous financial contribution. Unlike many other businesses who may only sponsor one team a season, Beauchemin contributes thousands to sponsor one team in every level of the little league, in both baseball and softball. His efforts don’t just stop with the Little League, however. Peter’s company also sponsors Bedford youth football, basketball, and soccer teams every season. “We sponsor over fifty teams annually” he shared. When asked why he chooses to invest so much in athletics for young people, Peter explains: “youth sports teach teamwork, leadership, life and social skills, and most importantly brings them out of the house off their Ipads.”

For similar reasons, Beauchemin & Associates also regularly sponsor fun activities and events for area schools. Some such events include the annual Spring Fling for Memorial Elementary School, the Silent Auction for Riddle Brook Elementary School, the McKelvie Intemediate School Move-a Thon and the Lurgio Middle School Witch Way Fun Run. These fundraising events support charitable causes, as well as generate revenue to “provide enhanced educational opportunities for students,” explains one event flyer. The agency also gives generously to the Bedford Youth Performing Company, a local academy that engages young people in the performing arts such as music, dance, and theater.

Not all of Beauchemin & Associates efforts go exclusively to youth schools and programs, though. “The kids are important, and we try to do a lot for them,” said Peter, “but we try to spread ourselves out and contribute as many different ways as we can.” Recently during the Easter season, the agency was a proud sponsor of the annual egg hunt for Our Promise to Nicholas, a local charity that raises funds to help find a cure for Batten Disease. They sponsor community engagement activities such as spring, winter, and fall events at Joppa Hill Farm; various races and fun runs; and even the concert at the local favorite, Old Home Day. More than just a sponsor, though, Beauchemin & Associates are active participants in many of these events, even going so far as to bring their own mascot, Larry the Lion, and put up the company’s bouncy house. To them, it’s all about fun and family. “Anything that gets people out and brings the community closer together is a great investment,” shares Peter.

When asked what he hopes for the future of his company, the true generosity of Beauchemin & Associates is reflected in his answer: “I hope that we keep growing. I hope that someday soon we can double or even triple what we are able to give back to Bedford, and hopefully expand our efforts into surrounding communities as well.”

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