Bedford Rotary Club News

Tom Raffio, President and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental, the Concord-based dental insurance company, spoke to Bedford Rotary May 29th.

Tom has co-authored a book entitled Mindfulness – A Better Me, A Better You, A better World. Paperback copies are available at the Bedford Library.Mindfulness enables a person to be more efficient with less stress.

Stress at work is caused by multitasking, distractions and worries. Mindfulness teaches a person to stay focused on goals and priorities and avoid being distracted by interruptions.

Listening to understand as opposed to the intent to reply is mindful. Respectful speaking is mindful. Building in “white time” to pause, catch a breath or collect your thoughts during your scheduled day is mindful as is reduces stress, develops focus, and increases productivity.

Bedford Rotary meets weekly for breakfast each Wednesday at the Manchester CC. Contact President Leo at Leodionne13@comcast.net. Visitors are always welcome.