Michelle Jones Celebrates 30 Years with the Bedford Presbyterian Church

In a time when job-hopping every few years is becoming the norm, the Bedford Presbyterian Church has a staff member who clearly breaks the mold. Administrative Assistant Michelle Jones recently celebrated her 30th year with the Church and was recognized during the recent Mother’s Day Service for this achievement. Long time members George Reese and Bev Hoover told their best “Michelle stories”, but of course Michelle has been at her post longer than either of these two members. It was pointed out that Michelle had endured eleven pastors and countless Elders and Deacons at the Church. She is the “go to” person on numerous subjects and the one who can always find a way to resolve those last minute emergencies. A humorous proclamation was offered by Co-Pastors John Sawyer and Karen Hagy, which will appear on our Facebook page. All was in good fun, but kidding aside, the membership had known about the upcoming event for sometime. Donations were made and a sizable gift of appreciation was the result.

For more information please visit www.bedfordpresbyterian.org. On Facebook: bedfordpresbyterianchurchnh

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