Monsters on the Loose in Downtown Manchester: August 17th 3-6PM

Find a monster, keep a monster. Discover downtown & win prizes.

Manchester, NH- On Saturday August 17th between the hours of 3-6PM, Studio 550 Art Center will release 100 little clay Monsters into Manchester’s Downtown. Each monster is hand-made and unique, and holds the power to make prizes materialize.

Studio 550 hopes that by spreading art around town, they can encourage people to slow down, play like a kid, and walk their city in search of the out-of-the-ordinary.

Participants are asked to only take one Monster. Monster Finders are also encouraged to share what they discover on Studio 550’s Facebook page.

Monster Finders get the immediate reward of being able to keep the monster they find. Monster finders also have the added bonus of being entered to win workshops, classes, or pottery if they show their monster at Studio 550 at 550 Elm Street. Also, they can show their monster at Dancing Lion Chocolate at 917 Elm Street to get a free artful & edible chocolate coin (Monster food!). Monsters should be checked-in the day of the hunt.

Each year, there is a single albino monster in the mix. The person who finds the albino monster wins a free Date Night in the Pottery Studio or a Family Clay workshop (depending on the age of the winner) and a class at Dancing Lion Chocolate.

The Monsters will be concentrated in the heart of downtown. They will mostly be on Elm Street between Bridge and Studio 550, but also in some parks and major side streets. All Monsters will be placed in public places with a lot of foot traffic and in locations that are easily visible to pedestrians. Typically, Monsters like to hide in places that people see every day, but normally do not have a reason to keep looking. A windowsill, the corner of a bench, or a flower planter are all places Monsters like to hide, but they could be anywhere.

No purchase is necessary, but Monster-Seekers and Monster-Finders are encouraged to stay downtown to eat, and to discover what Manchester has to offer.