Pastor Janelly Pierre, Seventh Day Adventist Church in Bedford

Pastor Janelly Pierre, age 31, Pastor of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Back River Road, Bedford, was born in Haiti, his first language was Creole, and at a young age his family moved to Philadelphia, where they continued in their Seventh Day Adventist faith. While he did not live in the inner city, many of his friends did, and he cared about those in poverty, oppressed, and fatherless. That led him to want to be a lawyer or go into politics, to promote social justice. He attended Atlantic Union College, Seventh Day Adventist, in South Lancaster MA. He majored in history, and added theology at the end of his sophomore year.

After graduating from college, he became a teacher at a Christian school in Vermont. There, as chaplain, he taught religion to kindergarten through 12th grade for two years. His first pastorate was also in Vermont where he ministered to two churches. Here he is pastor of three churches, one in Derry, another in Nashua, and the third here in Bedford.

Pastor Pierre says there are three parts to pastoring. The first is Visitation, getting to know the individuals and families in the church, hospital visits, praying with those in crisis, and being with the people of the congregation. The second is Intercessory Prayer, for vision, wisdom, and guidance. The third is Preaching, which depends on the other two. Pastor Pierre preaches from the Bible, explaining scriptures, and showing how they apply in our world today. He does not follow a lectionary, but keeps an open mind to topics in nature, current events, movies, and conversations that trigger his delving into what the Bible says about them. Although he carries administrative responsibilities in each of the churches, his passion is to help those in need both in and outside the church.

Pastor Pierre is married to Michelle and they have a five-year-old, Micah, who entered kindergarten this Fall. They have recently moved to this area, closer to the church.

To view an interview of Pastor Pierre on Bedford Cable Television, go to Gab with God with Rev. Dr. Lori Wiley & Guest Pastor Janely Pierre.

Submitted by Rev. Dr. Lori Wiley, Retired Pastor