Sari Ann Strasburg of Strasburg Law P.L.L.C. is 2019 Business Lawyer of the Year – USA

Attorney Sari Ann Strasburg, CPA of Strasburg Law P.L.L.C. announces she has been named 2019 Business Lawyer of the Year – USA by Corporate LiveWire.    Sari has over 35 years of extensive professional success with US and international manufacturing, technology, distribution, and service companies. 

The Global Award notes that “Ms. Strasburg’s law firm won Corporate LiveWire’s Excellence in Business Law award 2018, but it is her personal success and achievements as a lawyer that the judges honour this year. The judges believe that Ms. Strasburg’s achievements throughout her career prove her exceptional capabilities in providing effective legal services for the business sector. They also show her dedication to her continued development in the practice of business law and involvement with relevant bar associations.    Ms. Strasburg has dedicated more than 35 years to business law and we believe that she has shown an exceptional level of success during this time, having now established her own firm for over 16 years and gaining large influence in her jurisdiction.”