Animal rescues need donations; military is in need of cards

Pets play important parts in people’s lives, providing companionship, emotional support, helping reduce stress, as well as helping to increase social contacts for ‘pet parents’ with other pet lovers and animal advocates. Two local agencies dedicated to providing for canines in transition are reaching out to folks in the greater Nashua area for donations of some basic items, necessities needed to provide for the canines presently in their care. The Mailbag is happy to help!

Donations needed for ARNNE

AND Second Chance

“I am now working with two nonprofit animal rescues, Animal Rescue Network of New England (ARNNE) and Second Chance Ranch Rescue” writes animal rescue volunteer, Dee M. (LTR 314). “Donations have been dwindling and both organizations need not only financial donations (tax deductible) but LOTS of daily items necessary to help keep animals living quarters environments clean and sanitary.    Here’s the list:  Laundry Detergent (hypoallergenic is best-high efficiency) , bleach, trash bags, plastic clear storage bins, plastic shelves, all natural peanut butter, canned pumpkin, large bath towels, light blankets (easy to wash-no wool), sponges, clips for the kennels/buckets, hand washing soap/sanitizer, pet safe ice melt, snow shovels, stainless steel water buckets, metal food dishes, high quality dog treats/wet food-no rawhide/American made  only, dishwashing liquid (Dawn is best), martingale collars (MED TO XL), leashes (strong) and big beef bones (not raw).  If you hate shopping for things like this, we could use Walmart, Loyal Companion, or PetSmart gift cards.  Both rescues are really small but I am proud to be part of the good work they do.  We rely on the community for help to keep the animals in our care safe and happy.”

For folks not familiar with these organizations, the Animal Rescue Network of New England’s (ARNNE) primary purpose is to provide care and shelter for rescued homeless dogs and place them in their permanent homes. ARNNE works with a network of shelters and rescue organizations throughout the United States. Second Chance Ranch Rescue was started due to the alarming need for rehoming dogs, especially those surrendered due to mismatched adoption. The organization is focused on finding the right match between people looking for a dog in our care and will spend all the time and effort needed to do so. Anyone wanting to donate needed items and/or gift cards to either organization or both can reach Dee by phone/text at 603-721-2890 (before 8 p.m., leave a voice mail) and she will arrange to pick up or arrange for drop off of donations. God bless all who help!

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