Bedford Rotary News

Bill Duschatko, chairman of the Bedford Town Council spoke to Bedford Rotary on Feb. 12.

The proposed Bedford Town Budget for 2020 amounts to $4.36 per 1000 evaluation a very modest increase of $ .22 per 1000 over 2019.

Some of the key features are a 2.3M$ capital reserve deposit to cover future outlays for equipment, facilities , etc. and a 1.0M$ redo of Sportsman field with artificial turf, etc. As a point of interest, property tax reductions for low income elderly and veterans account for 550K$ in exemptions.

The Town of Bedford is fortunate to qualify for a AAA Bond rating that only a very few towns in northern New England enjoy.

Town election day is March 10 followed by a budgetary meeting at 7PM March 11 to vote on proposed capital reserves and the town operating budget for 2020.

Visitors are always welcome for breakfast with Bedford Rotary Wednesdays at 7:30. Contact Pres. Alan Heacock at  AHeacocok17@gmail.com  for more info.

Submitted by Bill Gere, Bedford Rotary PR