Swim with a mission looking for Veterans stories

Swim with a Mission announces a NH book on Veterans’ stories of service. “Portraits of Sacrifice an Bravery”

Swim with A Mission (SWAM) announces 50 New Hampshire Veterans will have their chance to have their inspirational stories of service and sacrifice to be featured in an upcoming book “Portraits of Sacrifice and Bravery”. The book will be published and released in New Hampshire and beyond; it will feature 50 wonderful stories of service and sacrifice of New Hampshire Veterans.

“We are putting together a book that will feature photographs and stories about our current Veterans living in New Hampshire,” said Phil Taub, Co-Founder of SWAM.

“We are looking for 50 Veterans that represent the diversity of all our NH Veterans, so from every branch, every era and every rank.”

Less than 1% of our nearly 330 million people serve in the military. The goal of Portraits of Sacrifice and Bravery book will be to help connect more people from the civilian side of our state and society (99%) with those who chose to serve (less than 1%). The deeper goal is to help more people support our veterans and reading and seeing these impactful stories of service and sacrifice will help achieve that important goal.

For NH Veterans there will be 2 dates to conduct interviews and take pictures; March 28th, April 18th at at Dachowsky Photography Studio in Bedford. Submissions must be made prior to March 1st. Family members can also make submissions of the Veterans in their life.

Go to www.swimwithamission.org to submit a short form


PRESENTED BY SWIM WITH A MISSION: A 501(c)(3) non-profit that raises funds for Veteran service organizations.