New site launches

BEDFORD – TACLABS, Inc. announced the launch of its website www.tac-labs.com, which showcases the modernized technology that is Intentional Firearm Microstamping (IFM).

TACLABS IFM technology will add a powerful tool for law enforcement to accurately link cartridges left behind at crime scenes to firearms used but not recovered. TACLABS believes in building trust between law enforcement and community members through accurate identification of criminal activity. More often than not, perpetrators of a shooting will remain free due to lack of evidence recovered at the scene. This can cause repeated behavior within the most hard-hit communities in the US due to the lack of accountability and solid evidence. An inability to solve shootings, in combination with the lack of reporting by community members due to distrust of police, leads to informal routes of justice and repeated behavior. CEO and President of TACLABS Todd Lizotte explained, “We need to begin to provide law enforcement, domestically and internationally, new methods and tools to combat illegal firearm trafficking. IFM provides that opportunity, by increasing the probability of identifying firearms by the evidence left at the crime scene, without recovering the firearm itself. Firearm trafficking is a pattern crime, identifying the pattern is critical to shutting down these networks and decreasing gun violence within communities.” For more information about their technology and its impact, check out www.tac-labs.com.