Presidential hopeful Huntsman talks business during Milford stop

MILFORD – Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, in the midst of a five-day visit to New Hampshire, became the latest presidential hopeful to visit the Cirtronics Corporation as he toured the Milford manufacturing company this afternoon.

With the visit, Huntsman followed in the footsteps of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who toured the facility in May, as well as candidates like Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, and John Edwards, the former Vice Presidential nominee, who made visits during prior campaign seasons.

But, on Tuesday, Huntsman had the spotlight all to himself as he spoke with Cirtronics staff about a range of issues both local and national.

“We need more of … this kind of company in the United States,” Huntsman told an audience of about 100 workers that gathered in the company cafeteria. “We need more entrepreneurs,” he said. “We need more companies with the right kind of corporate culture … that will allow us to climb up the ladder from a technology development standpoint.”

Over his 90-minute visit, the candidate inquired about Cirtronics’ mission, its client base and its standing during the current recession.

“Since you’re a private company, I’m not going to ask about your financials. But (how has) growth been?” Huntsman asked.

“Well last year was good, but a couple of years ago, not so good,” George Mandragouras, the company’s chief financial officer, responded. “We’re seeing a slow down right now.”

Businesses across the country are sharing a similar struggle on account of the Obama Administration’s failed economic policies, Huntsman said. The president’s failure to control federal spending has left the country facing “a growing cancer” of debt and spending.

“Every single economic indicator is moving in the wrong direction,” he said, touting his record of job creation as governor of Utah. “The President has had two-and-a-half years to get us back on our feet … but he’s fundamentally failed us in the most important task that he has.”