Souhegan High School appoints dean of faculty and athletic director

AMHERST – It is with great pride that Souhegan High School appoints veteran teachers, Kathy White and Dick Miller as its new Dean of Faculty and Athletic Director, respectively.  Both White and Miller have been serving in interim roles this academic year. Both White and Miller have been members of the Souhegan faculty since its founding in 1993.

Kathy White has served as a member of the Souhegan faculty in the Business and Technology department. She developed numerous courses over the years, led the department as Coordinator, and guided Souhegan’s transition to the digital age.

White believes there is a “convergence of educational initiatives” on the state and national level with Souhegan’s “core values and beliefs.” White is excited about emerging concepts at the state level, like the NH Performance Assessment Initiative which is meant to create a broader base of accountability than a single standardized test, and the national Common Core State Standards. Both these initiatives promote depth over breadth, increased cognitive rigor, the crafting of questions, and active and close reading strategies, all of which are at the core of a Souhegan education, White explains.

Dick Miller has taken on a wide range of leadership roles beyond his Social Studies classroom. He has been a Class Advisor, Senior Project Coordinator, coach and coordinator of intermural activities. He is also the familiar voice announcing the school’s football and basketball games.

As a teacher of 37 years, Miller has always considered co-curricular activities integral to the educational process. “What makes Souhegan unique is that with such a great emphasis placed on the group process in the school’s culture, these activities… truly become a part of the curriculum,” Miller says.

Miller looks forward to working with the various constituency groups – students, custodial staff and faculty, parents and volunteers – whose efforts are the “heart and soul of the co-curricular program,” Miller says.

White and Miller join fellow Souhegan former teachers, Rob Scully (Dean of Students) and Gigi Klipa (Dean of Faculty) on the school’s leadership team. “It is an extraordinary gift and opportunity for Souhegan to have well-respected members of faculty in these important leadership roles,” says Principal Jon Ingram. “Both have proven leadership skills and are highly regarded among the faculty. Even though they came on board in interim positions this year, their years of dedication to Souhegan have created a seamless transition for our school,” Ingram added.