Lyndeborough selectmen set public hearings on snow, parking ordinances

LYNDEBOROUGH – Selectmen in Lyndeborough had one public hearing and another lined up. At 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20, they presented a proposed ordinance concerning the plowing of snow into roadways, and on Sept. 3, they will present a list of Class 6 roads which would become “emergency lanes,” kept minimally open for fire fighting and rescue vehicles.

Under the snow ordinance, it would be unlawful to plow snow or ice onto the travel portion of a Class 5 highway. Snow can be pushed across a road as long as none remains on the road.

Parking will not be permitted on town roads between Nov. 1 and April 30. Cars or any other objects in the road can be removed by the highway department at the owner’s expense.

Non-compliance will be considered a violation and subject to fines not to exceed $1,000, as determined by a court.

The ordinance will become effective upon adoption and publication of a notice.

The ordinance was written after selectmen had received numerous complaints from the highway department.

Class 6 roads are town-owned but are not maintained for use by vehicles.

After discussions with Road Agent Kent Perry, Fire Chief Rick McQuade, and Police Chief Rance Deware, selectmen agreed that some roads should be kept open under the conditions in a new state regulation that allows for emergency passage.

The old roads are frequently used by snowmobilers, horseback riders and hikers and it was agreed that access was needed in case of accidents or to fight brush fires.

The roads to be considered are Nichols, Richardson, Greenfield, Emery, Stone Bridge, Old Coach and French.