Milford’s Gary Daniels to face Milford’s Roger Tilton in state senate race

The District 11 seat in the state senate will stay Milford focused, after Gary Daniels overcame a disappointing result in Merrimack, which had two residents running to replace Peter Bragdon, and won the Republican nomination in a four-person race.

He will face Roger Tilton of Milford, the only Democrat on the ballot in the party primary.

Daniels swept his home town of Milford, where he has held school board and state-representative seats for years, taking 67 percent of the tally, and also took a majority (56 percent) in Wilton.

These carried him over Rep. Maureen Mooney of Merrimack, Merrimack Town Councilor Dan Dwyer, and Dan Hynes, a constitutional lawyer and libertarian.

Things were closer in Amherst, however, where Daniels’ 548 votes barely edged Maureen Mooney’s 466 votes.

The final tally was 2,126 for Daniels, or 39 percent; 1,682 for Mooney, or 31 percent; 888 for Hynes and 781 for Dwyer.