Wilton Town Hall renovations to begin May 22

WILTON – Renovations to the north end of Town Hall are scheduled to begin Monday, May 22.

Town Administrator Scott Butcher told selectmen on Monday, May 8, that the offices of those who use that part of the building are being relocated and the phone and computer lines changed.

“Decisions have been made about what records are going into storage and what is being kept here,” Butcher said.

The work is expected to take about 10 weeks.

In discussing records storage, Selectman Kermit Williams said the town is required to have a records committee, “but we don’t have one.”

It is important, he said, “to track where all the records are. We need to know what we are keeping and what we are disposing of.”

Some town records are required by state law to be kept for varying lengths of time, he said, and they have to accessible for Freedom of Information Act requests.

As the records of various town boards – Planning, Zoning, Conservation, etc. – are returned, a record should kept of where they are.

Selectmen decided a plan will be made to do so.