Kids learn about proper diet

Photo by JESSIE SALISBURY Donna Poe, left, and Linda Dionne, nurse dieticians and diabetes educators, presented a program at Lyndeborough’s Early Leaning Center.

LYNDEBOROUGH – The students at the Early Leaning Center know a lot about eating good food.

You need it to “Grow, Glow and Go,” dietitian Donna Poe told them at an assembly on May 16 – “Grow strong bodies, feel good and have a lot of energy.”

Poe and Linda Dionne are diabetes educators from Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough. Poe talked about the five dietary groups – fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein and grains – and what each does for the body.

The students named their favorite foods, ranging from chocolate, mac and cheese, fruits and ice cream. The food group of each one was discussed.

Dionne presented a brief explanation of diabetes using a Cabbage Patch Kid dressed in a Red Sox uniform. (Ballplayers need lots of good food for energy).

The program was arranged by school nurse Laura Swim-Gifford.

For more information about the program, visit www.diabetes.org.