Mountain Road work resumes

LYNDEBOROUGH – Work has resumed on Mountain Road, completing the roadsides, grading, hydo-seeding and preparing for the final paving.

The scheduled completion date is Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Town Administrator Russ Boland said the project is going well and is “still under budget.”

Crews are working full time on the project.

Voters approved the $1.6 million project last year by a vote of 90-14.

The rebuilding of about a mile of Mountain Road is the largest and most expensive project ever undertaken by the town.

The project is under the direction of Northpoint Engineering, of Pembroke. Some parts of the project are being done by the town’s Highway Department.

Mountain Road is one of only two routes over Pinnacle Mountain to North Lyndeborough, the fastest-growing section of town. The roads is both a mail route and a school bus route.

Longtime residents said it was last worked on in the 1990s, and it was in poor condition. Over time, construction and logging operations had changed water courses and damaged culverts.