Volunteers help clean up Wilton

WILTON – Nineteen volunteers armed with blue trash bags – and several with mechanical “picker-uppers” – spread out through the downtown on a beautiful Saturday morning, May 27, to pick up litter and quite a few discarded automobile parts.

Stasia Millet, with sponsor Wilton Community Center, provided the bags, reflective orange vests, work gloves and bug spray for those who needed it during Main Stree Litter Clean Up Day.

She also provided some advice: Don’t let the kids pick up discarded needles. If you find bottles filled with a milky substance, don’t touch it, but mark it for the police – it could be meth. Watch the traffic. Have fun.

Millett collected the bags from the roadsides, and with the help of Boy Scout Andrew Goss, piled them in Main Street Park for a Public Works employee to haul away.

Afterward, the group had a party at Sky Bridge Cafe.