Wilton, Lyndeborough, Milford corner finally settled

LYNDEBOROUGH – It took 37 years, but the location of the corner of Wilton, Milford and Lyndeborough on Carnival Hill is now settled, and the site plan will be recorded.

While Milford researcher Lorraine Carson said she may still have some doubts, she told the selectmen, “There is not enough evidence that it is somewhere else,” and asked the board on Wednesday, May 24, to sign the maps for recording.

“It’s been 37 years,” said Selectman Lee Mayhew, who served as Milford’s town administrator for much of that time and knew the story from that side.

The original corner marker, a granite post, is buried in the athletic field at Carnival Hill. It is covered with a metal cap placed over it in 2009 when the original plastic cap was cracked.

Wilton purchased that part of Carnival Hill in 1975. The athletic fields, owned by Wilton, are located in all three towns.

“The marker is in the same place it was in 1975,” surveyor Dawn Tuomala told the selectmen in 2009, when she presented surveys made then and also in 1978 and 1980.

She made a survey in 1996 and said she found the marker.

Some of the controversy dates to an old, unverified story. The field was used by various local farmers over the years for hay and as a cornfield. The story says one farmer, tired of working around the granite post in the middle of the field, moved it to the stone wall.

Officials doubt the story, partly because of the marker’s weight.

The marker was removed in 2004 while the athletic fields were being constructed, and then returned to its original site, Tuomala said.

“Placed in a hole where it was shown on the plans,” she said.

Carson said she found the discrepancy while researching boundaries for the town of Milford.

Wilton selectmen withdrew from the argument some years ago when it was agreed that the Wilton boundary wasn’t in question, leaving it up to Lyndeborough and Milford selectmen to settle.

The town of Wilton is a square with straight boundaries. The town’s eastern boundary, a straight north-south line, is intersected by the west-running Milford-Lyndeborough line. Carson said her research indicated the junction was mismarked.

Carnival Hill, once owned by Whiting Dairy, was the site of the Wilton winter carnivals prior to World War II. A toboggan run was featured in the old “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” column as “The toboggan run in three towns.” The top of the structure was in Lyndeborough, ran through a corner of Milford and ended in Wilton.