Wilton seeks input on planning for future

WILTON – The Economic Development Committee, working with Plan NH, is inviting everyone interested in the downtown area to a Design Charette, an intensive planning session, on Friday, July 21, 3-5 p.m. and 6:30-8 p.m., at the Florence Rideout Elementary School gym.

Covered will be infrastructure, state regulations, resident needs and business concerns; planning the services needed and wanted, attracting small businesses and supporting those that are here.

The study will cover a newly defined “Village Area” instead of concentrating on just the downtown/Main Street area. This “Village” extends from the Milford line in Pine Valley, and includes the elementary school neighborhood, Carnival Hill, parts of Dale Street, Forest Street, the Island, and Burns Hill Road. Plan NH has toured this area and will present their recommendations.

Both sessions will be facilitated by professionals from Plan NH, and the committee will use their expertise, plus citizen input from the sessions, to develop a long-term vision for the town.

Recommendations will cover creative uses of buildings, parking solutions, signage, and ways to exploit the railroad, the river, and other natural resources of the town.

Rise-Up Center will host a session for the kids so parents can take part in the discussions.

Two projects are proposed prior to the charette. Chris Devine and Dick Putnam are looking at ways to match potential businesses with existing buildings. To take part, contact chris@devineflooring.com.

Mike McGonegal is working with a group looking to improve how the town and businesses show up on line, on tourist sites, ratings sites, etc. People are needed who can search for and catalogue various websites that include Wilton or its businesses.

If interested, contact Mike@mikemcgonegal,co.

The Riverwalk along Stoney Brook and around the police station parking area is under construction. James Jasper Electric has been contracted to install decorative lighting. The poles will include brackets for banners.

The current kiosk will be upgraded, new pictures added from the Historical Society and Conservation Commission. Trees, benches and tables will be added. Public and private sponsors are being sought.

Chuck Crawford, owner of the Wilton Falls Building, has donated a historic artifact from the former mill that will be placed by the kiosk.

For more information, email jenniferscottbeck@gmail.com or ecodev@wiltonnh.org.