Lafayette Artillery shed needs roof repair

LYNDEBOROUGH – The roof of the Lafayette Artillery Co. shed, the former town barn in Lyndeborough Center, is leaking, and at least one side should be replaced next summer.

Company Capt. Walter Holland has requested $1,000 for materials and said “volunteers would do the work.”

To hire the whole job would cost “about $6,000,” according to town handyman Wally Holt.

Selectmen on Wednesday did not wholly agree, partly because it was a last-minute request and they did not have a quote. Nor did they have an evaluation of the condition of the underlying roof boards. Replacing just one side would be terrible, they said, and volunteer labor isn’t as easy to get as it once was. The selectmen decided, after some debate, to ask for a quote, a scope of the work, and put the question into a warrant article for town meeting.

“Let the town decide,” Chairman Fred Douglas said, maybe there will be volunteers.

In a review of the proposed warrant and what funds need to encumbered to cover previous articles, the selectmen questioned a request from the Cemetery Trustees to encumber their unspent funds. They wondered why the money had not been spent and why long-discussed repairs to the wall of the South Yard along Cemetery Road was not included.

Parts of that wall, constructed around 1890, needs to be straightened and two entrances rebuilt.