Wilton warrant articles are nearing completion

WILTON – The warrant for the March town meeting is nearing completion. On Jan. 15, the Board of Selectmen approved five articles for inclusion.

These include:

• Combining the town clerk and tax collector into one elected position. While one person fills both positions, the tax collector is currently appointed.

• Dissolve the Cooley Park Capital Reserve Fund. Chairman Bill Condra said the fund had been established for the park only and cannot be used for anything else. The balance in the fund would be added to the town’s unreserved fund balance for other uses.

• Add $70,000 to the Town Hall Heating System Capital Reserve Fund established last year. The town administrator said the current steam heat system in failing, “rusting badly,” and won’t last much longer. Voters approved $25,000 last year, but there is currently no estimate of the costs of a new system or what type would be installed.

Add $75,000 to the Department of Public Works Garage Capital Reserve Fund established last year with $75,000. The money would be used for land acquisition and building design over the next few years.

• Create a new capital reserve fund for a new ambulance bay in perhaps five to seven years. Officials said the current building has reached capacity, does not fully meet current needs and the present site does not allow for expansion because of the small lot and adjoining wetlands. The current building is owned by the Ambulance Association.

Two other articles – a lease-purchase of a new ambulance and lease of new cardiac monitors – was postponed while exact wording is determined by town counsel.

The warrant will be finalized at the Jan. 29 meeting, except for petition articles which will be received until Feb. 6.