Taxpayer waste

You’ve heard of Tom Price resigning from HHS for luxury travel? Well, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is wasting our taxpayer dollars, too. In fact, Pruitt is facing three separate investigations for misusing taxpayer money and illegally lobbying, including spending $43,000 on a custom soundproof phone booth in his office, and spending more than $100,000 of taxpayer dollars on first-class flights and private jets.

Price was forced to resign. Pruitt should be, too.

He is unfit to serve as EPA administrator. Bowing to the nationwide, bipartisan condemnation after just a portion of his travel records were released, Pruitt said he would start to travel in coach. Pruitt’s predecessors didn’t need a big controversy to convince them to do the right thing. They knew that as public servants, they needed to use taxpayer funds responsibly.

Pruitt needs to take responsibility for his actions, like former Secretary Tom Price did. Then, he needs to resign, like Tom Price did. Americans need officials who are fiscally responsible stewards of government resources. Pruitt is not.