Wilton officials work out issues

WILTON – The town has new policies on credit card use and investments, as well as beginning to set rules for the town treasurer. However, there is still no deputy treasurer.

The Select Board, Town Administrator Paul Branscombe and Finance officer Debra Harling met with town treasurer William Chalmers for about two hours in a work session last week.

Four residents attended the hearing, which was generally civil, orderly and did not include public comment.

Board Chair Kellie-Sue Boissonnault stated, “A municipality has to follow the state rules,” in this case RSA 41:29, which covers the duties and responsibilities of the town treasurer.

Chalmers said everything “is tied together with the financial procures which the town is currently lacking.” There are “divisions of duties” between the treasurer and the fiance officer and “those should not be violated.”

Chalmers repeated that he did not have a deputy and did not intend to name one. There is a procedure in place if he becomes incapacitated – a special meeting of the Select Board.

“You needed to get those procedures in place yesterday,” he said.

Selectman Matt Fish noted, “There is some friction here. Let’s table this for now. We are antagonizing the treasurer. We’ve made out statements, let’s move on.”

Chalmers agreed.

“I see no reason to appoint one. Because of the contentious attitude, I don’t want to,” he said.

The question was dropped.

The board agreed to a $5,000 credit card limit per department head, and use should “be a last resort.” Branscombe will oversee the use.

Chalmers and Harling will determine the investment of money “not currently needed” in the Public Deposit Investment Pool as recommended by the state.

Following the discussion, Fish and Branscombe declared the meeting “very productive,” and Chalmers said, “I have no objection to what was done here.”