Local an extra in ‘Castle Rock’

MILFORD – Rob Canty is a Stephen King fan and loves movies and TV series. So sitting in a church pew all day as episode 7 of the Hulu series “Castle Rock” was being filmed was exciting.

The series is airing this summer, but last summer, Canty worked as an extra. The Milford resident is a school psychologist, so his summers are free. Last year he heard about the casting call for Castle Rock, signed up online and watched as episode after episode passed without him getting a call. Then he was picked for episode 7, which required him to go to a church in Orange, Mass., and sit in a church directly in front of actor Sissy Spacek.

Castle Rock’s creapy plot weaves story lines and characters from King’s novels, including Shawshank Redemption and The Shining. His novella, “The Body,” was made into the movie “Stand By Me,” and set in a fictional Castle Rock, Oregon.

Much of the Hulu series was filmed in Orange, Mass, and the filming of Canty’s scene went on all day.

He and everyone else involved in the series were under strict orders not to talk about it. Executive producer J.J. Abrams was determined there would be no leaking of plot elements, as there had been with “Game of Thorns.” If anyone mentioned Castle Rock on social media, they could have been black-balled, Canty said.

All Canty knew was his scene in church and that he was required, because that part of the series was set in 1991, to dress in corduroy and wear a plaid shirt and remove his glasses, because they looked too contemporary.

Last week Episode 7 aired, and his face isn’t visible, just his side, but “I know it was me. I know the horrible shirt I was wearing,” he said.

He heard the series was renewed for a second season, so he’s hoping for another stint as an extra and recommends it to any movie buff who might want to get involved to keep an eye out for open casting calls.

“It was pretty exciting. I got to see set changes, watch the camera move at different angles. I memorized the minister’s lines.”

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