Wilton to launch social media component to website

WILTON – Selectmen approved a social media component of the town’s new website, presented by site administrator Kathleen Tighe. The new town site will launch Monday, and it will follow regulations she has outlined.

In her proposal, presented to selectmen on Oct. 29, Tighe calls the site “an incredibly valuable resource: one-stop shopping for all the facts you need to live, work and play in Wilton,” but social media fills the role of friends.

Social media can provide a deeper resource for those who want it, but there are guidelines and basic rules for use. These include: no racism or outdated racially loaded terms; no political agenda; telling people to vote is fine, who to vote for is not; no religious agenda; no swearing; no bad sportsmanship; promoting Wilton teams is fine, denigrating the opposition is not; boost Wilton wherever possible; provide local entertainment information; de-escalate any potential heated interactions; and point residents to any resources they may need to answer questions.

Tighe’s position is volunteer, so she recommends posting information on Monday with a focus on school, library and children’s activities to help parents plan the week. Weekend postings should be made on Thursday, she explained.

Big town events, such as next year’s Old Home Days, can have several posts leading to it.

Tighe recommends “share” partners, other Facebook pages available for conflict-neutral Wilton information. Current share partners include the public library; the schools; Main Street Association; Andy’s Summer Playhouse; Lions Club; police, fire and emergency services; The Milford Cabinet; and High Mowing School.

Security includes the removal of any post that is incendiary or racist. People also may be banned from the site for such posts, Tighe explained.

Photos of people should be from public events to respect privacy. No photos of children without parental consent will be posted, she said..

Tighe added, “We are, of course, open to additional recommendations and