Telegraph claims 19 awards in NENPA competition

BOSTON – The Telegraph continued its long tradition of excellence and service to the community recently, bringing home 19 New England Newspaper & Press Association Contest awards.

The regional association – which represents more than 450 daily and weekly newspapers in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont – hosted its annual convention at the Renaissance Hotel in


The competition is separated into three segments, advertising, editorial and niche publications, with more than 6,000 entries received in the 150-plus categories in the August 2017 to July 2018 contest period.

Overall, the newspaper received six first-place honors, five second-place awards, seven third-place designations and one honorable mention nod.

“I am extremely proud of our entire staff for this monumental accomplishment,” said Telegraph Publisher and General Manager Heather Goodwin Henline. “In this competition, we not only competed against other newspapers in the Granite State, but newspapers in five other surrounding states. This is, indeed, a historic feat and among The Telegraph’s top performances ever.”

“Receiving these awards is an honor, but what is most important is how this shows our continued commitment to the community and our many faithful readers,” Goodwin Henline added. “Providing the most comprehensive local news reporting remains our No. 1 priority, as does expanding our coverage on all fronts. We always are looking at new ways we can better serve Greater Nashua.”

Individual and overall awards include:

First-place awards in editorial categories are: Dean Shalhoup,

obituary writing; Tom King, sports columnist; Hope Hunt, headline writing; George Pelletier, humor columnist; and Paul Collins, serious columnist. Second place winners in editorial categories are: D. Quincy Whitney, sports feature; Tom King, sports photos; Damien Fisher, government reporting; and Hannah LaClaire, science reporting. Third place honorees in editorial categories are: Matthew Burdette, illustrations; Don Himsel, photo illustration; Hope Hunt, front page; Matt Hannon, infographic; Matthew Burdette, headline writing; and Kathy Cleveland, news feature photo. The Telegraph’s annual football tab received honorable mention honors for Best Sports Special


“I could not be more proud of my newsroom team,” said Editor in Chief Matthew Burdette. “They do great work on a daily basis, and this helps demonstrate that their efforts truly make a difference. For almost 187 years, The Telegraph has brought the community stories on major news events, town happenings and pieces that tug at the heartstrings. We are a living history book, one that will continue to chronicle daily life for many, many more years to come. These awards solidify what a bright future The Telegraph has ahead.”

“Teamwork is key for any organization, and I am thrilled to say that I have one of the best newsgathering teams around,” Burdette added. “Many more great things are on the horizon from The Telegraph’s editorial department.”

On the advertising side, the department swept the Best Advertising Campaign category, winning first place for its Patriots Pride Super Bowl posters, second place for its annual Progress edition and third place for preseason Patriots posters. These awards were earned over all daily newspapers in the six-state competition region.

“The advertising staff at The Telegraph works very hard alongside our many clients to connect them with the community and highlight their amazing goods and services,” said Telegraph Advertising Director Lynda Vallatini. “These awards, in a very competitive field, highlight our commitment to our customers and showcase our team members’ suburb abilities. We proved that if you want a strong marketing message, we are No. 1 in New England to make that happen.”

“We look forward to many great projects to come this year, including some special pages and sections that will be immensely popular among advertisers and readers alike,” Vallatini added, noting new events are on the horizon as well. “We have some exciting announcement on the events horizon that will be forthcoming in 2019.”

The Telegraph family of publications includes The Cabinet in Milford, the Hollis-Brookline Sunday Select, the Bedford Journal and the Merrimack Journal, as well as Granite Magazine and associated websites, and The Telegraph serves all of Greater Nashua and the Souhegan Valley.