14 articles on agenda at annual town meeting

LYNDEBOROUGH – The business part of town meeting will be at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Citizens’ Hall.

Voters are asked to consider 14 articles beginning with the proposed budget of $2,140,986, an increase of about $70,000. Both the Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen approve the budget. Proposed warrant articles, including payments into capital reserve funds, will add another $212,900, for a grand total of $2,442,886.

At the end of the meeting, under Article 18, “other business,” the moderator will lead a discussion of a fire department sub-station proposed for Lyndeborough Center, or any other options for the Fire Department expansion and development. The sub-station has been under study by a committee for the past two years and they have not made a recommendation, simply presented all of the pros and cons as they found them. The Select Board wants to determine the wishes of the voters as to what direction to take.

The Street Lighting Committee named at last year’s town meeting, suggests a number of changes to the street lights in and near the Village. Upgrading, eliminating some, and adding new ones where needed will cost a total of $7,400.

Proposed new equipment includes a Fire Department Rescue Cutting Tool, ($7,500) to be taken from the Fire Department Equipment Fund; and a Fire Department Cardiac Monitor ($25,000) also to come from that fund.

Payments into Capital Reserve Funds include 1994 Pumper replacement ($35,000); Fire Department Equipment ($10,000); 2008 Volvo Dump Truck replacement ($20,000); 2008 backhoe replacement ($8,000); 2016 one-ton truck replacement ($5,000); and 2016 mid-sized truck replacement ($11,000).

Article 14 asks for $150,000 for the purchase of a backhoe/loader for the Highway Department, and the authorization to withdraw that amount from the Replacement of the 2007 Backhoe/Loader Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 15 asks the purpose of the CRF be changed to Repair and Replacement of the Backhoe/ Loader Capital Reserve Fund.

Article 17 asks that property located off Scout Road, Tax Map 216 Lot 4, designated as “Town Forest” be subject to a conservation easement, terms to be determined by the Conservation Commission.

Refreshments at the meeting will be offered by the Monuments Committee which is seeking funds for on-going improvements to the town common and veterans’ memorials.