Woman seeks owner of wedding dress

LYNDEBOROUGH – When Debbie Bass married in June of 1986, her mother had her dress cleaned and sealed in an acid-free storage box.

“I carried that box to Florida and then Nevada, and then back to New Hampshire” Bass said recently. “I always thought the box seemed too small for my dress, but it was closed and sealed in plastic and, not wanting to break the seal, I never looked inside.”

Last summer she moved “everything into mom’s attic and I finally opened the box, and looked and found some else’s wedding dress.”

The lovely gown in the box is a size 0-2. “It is definitely handmade, so it probably has a family connection for the bride.”

Bass said her mother “was pretty sure she had it cleaned at People’s Laundry in Milford.”

She doesn’t want her own dress back.

“I just want the person this belongs to, to have her dress back. I only had a son, so I wouldn’t have anyone to pass it on to. I’m hoping whoever ended up with my dress had a daughter who loved it as much as I did, and that it made someone else a beautiful bride.”

Anyone with information about the dress can reach Bass at debbi789@gmail.com.

If no owner is found, she will donate the dress to a wedding shop or other outlet.