Lyndeborough eyes internet problems

LYNDEBOROUGH – The town has an Internet access problem which has apparently deterred some people from moving there.

On March 27, the Board of Selectmen met with resident John Clark who asked if a committee could be formed to look into the problem.

“It’s frustrating from an economic point of view,” Town Administrator Russ Boland said. “People aren’t buying houses here.”

Boland was authorized to recruit people for a committee to research what the town has and what can be done. The group will be all volunteer, residents with the needed expertise, to talk with current and future providers.

“We will just provide the data,” Clark said. “It will all be public information.”

Selectman Mark Chamberlain said, “There are a lot of rumors out there” about future access and what is being done. “If you could find out what is really going on and get the costs.”

Boland added, “This will be a benefit to everyone. It’s a real concern and it won’t solve itself.”

Anyone interested may contact the town office.

In other business, Boland said he would contact those who had bid on repairs to the roof of the former town garage in order to get re-bids on a slightly revised project.

The roof of the barn, which dates to around 1937, will be totally re-shingled, underlying boards replaced as needed, and a vapor barrier and insulation added. Work is expected to be completed by July 1.

An energy audit was conducted at Citizens’ Hall, the town highway garage and the fire station. All lighting will be upgraded to LED and the buildings winterized as needed.

Citizens’ Hall’s heating needed to be upgraded but will not be replaced now. Insulation will be added to the attic.

Boland will continue the study with Eversource.

A new town website is under development and will go on line as soon as possible.

The next meeting was set for Wednesday, April 10, 6 p.m., in the town office.