Souhegan celebrates sustainability

WILTON – The Sustainability Fair, promoting renewable energy, recycling, preservation of resources, and just enjoying the outdoors, offered something for everyone. Well over 400 people attended.

Maple sugar producers were in the entrance hall. Vendors, makers of herbal teas and medications, and representatives of conservation organizations such as the Amherst Garden Club, Beaver Brook, Merrimack Water Warriors, Souhegan River Advisory Committee, and several conservation commissions.

Workshops and presentations covered topics from solar energy, building a “toad abode,” to what the legislature is doing and neuropathic medicine.

There was live entertain was all day, from Morris dancers, Milford’s contra dance band, local groups, and high school students.

A highlight was a presentation by students from Florence Rideout Elementary School, backed by the contra dance band. Sandy Lefleur composed a song especially for the fair, sung to the tune of “Bring Back My Bonny to Me,” which extolled renewable energy: “Bring back, oh bring back my clothesline to me . . . “

A guided walk was held from the high school to Garwin Falls led by forest steward Nikki Andrews.

Food was offered by Wilton House of Pizza, a varied menu served on recyclable and/or compostable ware.

The fair was sponsored by the Wilton Conservation Commission and coordinated by Sandy Lefleur, Jennifer Beck and Aiyana Vergo, ably aided by Donna Crane. The fair is a not-for-profit organization which sponsors events dedicated to more socially and environmentally responsible living.