Lydeborough has strong turnout for holiday remembrance

LYNDEBOROUGH – The Lafayette Artillery conducted traditional ceremonies on the Village Common on May 26. Lorraine Strube served as Mistress of Ceremonies, the Black River Fife and Drum Corp provided appropriate music, and President Abraham Lincoln (in the person of re-enactor Steve Wood) delivered the Gettysburg Address. Several others read appropriate poems.

Over three dozen people gathered on the common for the event in nearly perfect summer weather.

Earlier in the day, the Artillery fired salutes in the Center and South Cemeteries.

A parade consisting of veterans, Boy Scouts, the Artillery’s cannon drawn by a pair of horses, Artilleryman Rhonda Hettinger on horseback, the fife and drum corps and fire trucks, formed at the Central School and proceeded to the fire station. They then returned to the common for ceremonies.

Following the ceremonies, the Artillery fired the cannon three times in honor of all veterans.