Milford graduates 210 seniors at ceremony

Donning gowns and caps, the latter adorned with thoughts, messages and mantras, the 2019 graduating class of 210 from Milford High School celebrated its commencement on Saturday morning.

Principal Dr. Bradford Craven, a student favorite at the high school, offered his remarks on the occasion of his retirement to the graduating class.

“This is not one of the easiest days of my career,” he said. ‘For many of us, this is an event that marks an end. And despite the fact that by nature, it does mark a beginning and is celebratory, milestones can have a bittersweet quality. For sure though, this is the most grateful day of my career.”

Senior class president Margaret Sawyer presented her officer’s address, saying in part, “We all started in the same place but have ended in so many different spots. Some of us are going off to college or trade school, some are joining the military, some of us have already found jobs and others are taking gap years.