Milford man arrested on criminal bail order protection

A Milford man, Tanner Ricciardi, 27, of Osgood Road was arrested on June 6th in Merrimack, at first what was thought to be a domestic violence/stalking charge, after members of the Merrimack special investigations unit reportedly spotted Ricciardi as a passenger in a car driven by a female.

However, according to arresting officer Sgt. Sean Cassell of the Merrimack Police Department, there was not a domestic violence charge/stalking charge, as was previously reported by other news outlets.

“There was just a criminal bail order in place,” he said. “They weren’t allowed to be together.”

The order prohibits Ricciardi from communicating or coming within 300 feet of the female in question, Sgt. Cassell previously said.

He added, “There was nothing on the books for us to charge the female driver.”

An officer stopped the motor vehicle and Ricciardi was arrested without incident, but according to Sgt. Cassell, Ricciardi was transported to a nearby hospital; the suspect was not injured during the arrest.

“There was no resisting, there was no assault,” said Sgt. Cassell. “Nothing like that. It was for medical injuries and he was transported to be evaluated.”

Later, Cassell said, “I believe he was processed and released on personal recognizance bail.”

When asked why Ricciardi, who has a lengthy arrest record, was released, Sgt. Cassell said, “I have to keep my opinions to myself. Obviously, we take domestic violence seriously, but with bail reform being what it is, there are a lot more people being released when before there weren’t.”

Ricciardi is due in Merrimack District Court on June 13.