Board of Selectmen address concerns

LYNDEBOROUGH – The new air conditioning system at Citizens’ Hall is in and running, and it was just in time for a record-setting heat wave. At its regular meeting on July 17, the Selectmen agreed the hall would be offered as a cooling station during the hottest part of those days.

The board met with Assessor Todd Haywood and two residents to clarify current use questions, and to agreeably close those concerns.

Haywood said William Anderson’s question of acreage in the program was caused by an update in the town tax map that was either recorded wrong or not recorded at all. Figures were agreed upon, Haywood made the changes on the map, and the plan will be recorded.

Steve Brown’s question concerned a building under construction to house a portable sawmill, a project that has been underway since 2017 when he first applied for permits. At that time the town’s attorney said that the building, under RSA 79-F, would not affect the current use status. 79-F deals with the assessment of farm and forestry buildings and the land under them.

Brown said he believes the structure is a permitted use. Haywood disagreed.

Brown wanted a clarification as to how such buildings are assessed. Houses are assessed based on current market value, while those under 79-F are on replacement value minus depreciation.

An agreement was reached and Brown will reapply for permits.

In other business, Town Administrator Russ Boland said the Purple Heart Community signs have been ordered and should be installed next week.

The board will visit the site of a proposed parking area at the end of Purgatory Falls Road prior to their next meeting on July 31. Currently there is space for a half dozen cars. Last year people visiting the Upper Falls parked on both sides of the very narrow road creating a safety hazard. No parking signs were installed and a trash can was added.

The trail to Upper Purgatory Falls crosses private land by verbal agreement, and the landowner has agreed to the parking area. Purgatory Falls Road, which once continued to Mont Vernon, was closed by both towns in 1949.

Selectmen are also dealing with overcrowding at the Lower Falls parking area and parking along Purgatory Road.

Organizers of Community Day on Aug. 10 said they will use portable horseshoe pits near the former town barn. Permanent pits would require approval of the Historic District Commission.

Some interior demolition has been done at the former town barn and the building declared structurally sound. Work on the roof replacement will resume “when the weather is better.”