Latte Art Throwdown to benefit Memo Foundation

MILFORD – Baristas will put their best foam forward today at 6 p.m. for a coffee art fundraiser to benefit the Memo Foundation at the Union Coffee Co., located at 42 South St., in Milford.

Brandon “Memo” Kluz, who loved skateboarding, was shot and killed last November.

The goal of friends and families, and by donations of strangers to the Milford Lions Club, who are operating a fundraising trust for Memo, is to create and build a skateboard bowl at Keyes Memorial Park.

In a written statement, his mother, Monica, has said, “It’s important to capture the spirit that this fundraising is all driven by local donations in Brandon’s name/”memo“ry. HIS friends want to honor him by enhancing and improving his beloved skate park, but not at the expense of the taxpayers. It’s because the skateboarding community loves their sport, wants to help promote it and bring in new interest, and honor a friend who had a passion to keep skateboarding alive.”

Memo’s good friend, Derek Mossey, along with other friends, came up with the idea and concept for the skatebowl.

“The money that we’ve raised has gone toward this bowl,” he said. That number is close to $18,000 raised so far.

Monica Kluz added, “I don’t want to overlook the fact that Derek came to me with this idea. I don’t want that to go unnoticed.”

The idea for the latte art came from Sam Delay, the owner of the Union Coffee Co.

“All of the entry fees for the competition are being donated,” said Mossey. “And then all of the sales that we’re doing that night are going towards the fundraiser as well.”

“Sam came to us,” said Kluz. “He came to us because he wanted to do something. I thought that was very special.”

More than 100 people are expected to attend.

Other future fundraisers include a jam at the skate park on Sept. 14.

“We’re hoping to have raffles and t-shirt sales,” said Mossey. “And I will be hosting a small competition down there. Hopefully we’ll have a good turn out.”

Kluz is also planning a fundraiser in conjunction with the Pumpkin Festival.

For those not in the know, Memo received his nickname from one of his friends.

“He was so much younger than us,” said Mossey. “Brandon would always come to the park and spout out these random facts. And our friend John would say, ‘Hey, thanks for the memo.’ Brandon just inserted himself into the group so well.”

Mossey said the park has been a big part of his formative years.

“Losing Memo was devasting,” he said. “WE thought that it would be a good idea to create something for him, for our future generations.”

The bowl cost is an estimated $30,000.

For more info or to donate, contact the Milford Lions club, or on Facebook, visit “The Memo Foundation.”