Wilton Police ticketing cars at Garwin Falls, Vale End Cemetery

WILTON – As directed last month by the Select Board, the police have been ticketing all cars illegally parked in the area of Garwin Falls and Vale End Cemetery.

“We have collected $11,630 in fines,” Police Chief Eric Olesen told the Select Board on Monday, Aug. 5. That money goes into the town’s general fund as “unanticipated revenue.”

“We are concerned about what is going on,” he said. Hourly patrols are made “and repeat offenders will be towed.” They will also tow any vehicle that is impeding traffic.

“I don’t mind towing, but we have to be there when the tow truck arrives.” Sometimes, he added, if the car owner shows up before the tow truck and is told he had to pay for the tow, “things can get ugly.”

There are few people in the area in the morning, he said, “but activity picks up after noon, one or two o’clock.”

There is also a problem if officers are called to another event as happened recently. “We are doing our best.”

He said, “People are moving beyond the No Parking signs. We can’t cite them there. We need to look at the future, what to do about people who blatantly ignore the signs.”

Selectman Matt Fish suggested “opening up some public parking at the New Reservoir.” He also suggested placing a sign at the trailhead on Isaac Frye Highway noting the $100 fine for illegal parking.

The Board agreed to the sign but said it might be next year before it is in place. They also asked Town Administrator Paul Branscombe to “prepare a proposal for parking at the reservoir.”

Selectwoman Kellie-Sue Boissonnault said she had always advocated using a space left by logging for parking.

Officials have also requested the N.H. Waterfalls website to add the information about fines and parking.

Olesen said he has noticed people parking in the Police Station parking lot and walking up Burns Hill to The Horseshoe. Annoying perhaps, but not illegal.