‘PUMP’ IT UP: 30th annual Pumpkin Festival is coming together

MILFORD – Zoe Lantaff is busy finalizing details, lining up vendors and slotting music acts on three stages this year, just a few of the tasks that fortunately don’t daunt the Milford resident and member of the Granite Town Festivities Committee.

“Things are going great,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of recent additions, changes, and the newest thing, is the first day of issue for new postage stamps. They contacted us through our email account and at first, we thought it was a hoax. So, we thought, ‘this doesn’t sound legitimate.’ But it did sound interesting.”

So, Lantaff said they sidelined any further notion of the stamp brigade but were soon contacted by officials to determine if they could do the official stamp unveiling ceremony in Milford on Oct. 11 at Emerson Park (by the Post Office).

“The collection is a spooky collection of Halloween silhouettes,” she said. “It is now listed as one of the ceremonies. This has all happened within the last two weeks. Wade Campbell has taken the reigns on this project. A Washington, D.C. representative asked us for contact info, the media info, and we’re finding out that this will be one huge ordeal.”

The forever stamps feature digital illustrations I which traditional Halloween motifs are rendered in black silhouettes in backlit windows. Artist Tyler Lang created the artwork, and art director Greg Breeding designed the stamps.

Vendor space has gotten tight, and Lantaff said they needed an overflow area, so they’re utilizing portions of the Town Hall.

“The section that we originally planned on using at the Town Hall has already filled up,” she said.

Things are never dull. Lantaff said committee members and volunteers have been doing double-duty and, “we’ve taken on a lot more than we expected.”

A few new items will be added to the web page, (www.milfordpumpkinfestival.org), including parking information and there will buses to transport people from the high school and the middle school

“There’s a lot of info on the web page now,” said Lantaff. “People can get a lot of information there.”

“Music acts have fallen into place nicely,” said Lantaff, who is also the entertainment coordinator. “Art and music, those are two my favorite things.

And this year we have many different genres being represented.”

Lantaff said she’s had help organizing the third stage for music, which will be located in Emerson Park.

“One of the stages is at the oval, and one is at the community house lawn,” she added.

The staff is utilizing two people just to keep the website up to date, which means practically every day, something new is added.

“One if Janet Langdell, and the other is Kevin Federico,” Lantaff said. “He used to be on the board of directors here in Milford.”

Lastly, Lantaff said that everybody should keep their eyes peeled – to the webpage.

“We have some fantastic stuff coming up,” she teased. “It will be monumental.”