Robin’s Egg in Amherst a crowd pleaser

Robin Dewey, owner of Robin’s Egg, located at 199 State Route 101 in Amherst, is vivacious and warm and very endearing. One thing she is not a spotlight grabber.

“I like to share that with people who all work here so hard,” she said on Sept. 14, touting her annual Harvest Market Weekend.

The multi-dealer shop, filled with eclectic décor, whimsical home goods and a fine dose of Dewey’s good sense – and taste, was brimming with excitement and curiosity.

Deb Robinson, media specialist for Dewey and Robin’s Egg, said that the dealers in the shop are like family.

“When we have an event like this, everybody is here to make the whole shop look great,” she said. “This is probably the tenth year – she does it annually. And it’s just an opportunity for us to change out everything in the shop – start to think about fall, start to think about Christmas. And all the beautiful colors.”

Normally, there are ten vendors, but Robison said that Dewey downsized since her days in Milford.

“It was just too big,” she said. “It’s still over 6,000 square feet here. You don’t realize it from outside. People come in and say, ‘Oh my gosh!’ as they’re walking through.”

A cohesive feel is what Dewey was going for, said Robison.

“You’ll see that,” Robison said. “There’s a theme. It flows. She hand-picks everything. And she goes for

quality versus quantity.”

Dewey is well liked, and well known in the community, and her level of customer service is a key reason for her repeat business, and repeat sellers.

“Customer service is very important to her,” said Robison. “Making sure that we answer the customers right away, whatever they need. If we don’t have something, we’ll try to find it for them. And Robin has consigners that will go out to estate sales. If you call up and describe it, we’ll try to get it for you. Robin is the go-to person when you’re looking for something and can’t find it.”

Dewey is also active in the community and does a lot of fundraising.

“She works with Opportunity Network, Best Buddies New Hampshire and Special Olympics,” said Robison. “There are also a few people with developmental disabilities that work here.”

Dewey herself lost her son Kolby, who lived with developmental disability. Dewey is quick to share a photo of her son that she has hanging in her shop.

Now, Dewey’s children in Florida have been trying to talk her into permanently retiring and move to the Sunshine State. Dewey said, “I’m not there, yet.”

Robison and Dewey have been great friends for seven years, and Robison’s I.T. background gives her a bit of an edge when it comes to being computer savvy.

“With i.t., you set things up for people,” said Robison. “But now for her, I’m walking around the shop, taking pictures. I’m promoting the shop on social media. There’s a whole marketing aspect that I’m doing now. We reach people in New York. We had people in here from Rhode Island. So, it’s not just local. She’s reaching more people using social media.”

Robison stays busy posting on the site as well as on Instagram.

“This is what she loves,” said Robison of Dewey. “This past week, she was here every night until 11PM. The news is coming on. I call her up and ask her, ‘It’s late. What are you still doing there?’ That’s the love of it. It’s not just, ‘it’s five o’clock, my day’s over.’ She sweeps. She cleans up. She straightens up.”

Dewey’s signature event is the weekend of Nov. 9 and 10, when she hosts her Holiday Open House and Gift Market.

“We actually close the shop the day before to get ready,” said Robison. “And everybody is in here making it look very similar to what you see today. Every corner, every space has been changed. It’s a picture taking opportunity.”