Fiber optics being installed

LYNDEBOROUGH – Fiber optics should be installed in town buildings by the end of the year. Town Administrator Russ Boland told the Board of Selectmen on Nov. 6. the contract has been signed and service will be updated in Citizens’ Hall, the library, the fire station and the highway department garage.

Selectmen said they thought the old town hall in Lyndeborough Center was also on the list and Boland will check into that.

Updating the street lighting is also moving forward, Boland said. New lights will be installed where are currently none and those that are to be kept will be upgraded. The other lights will be removed. Work should be completed by the end of the year.

The Board is working on ways to reduce next year’s budget and has earmarked up to $176,000. Those figures will be presented to the Budget Committee. Some reserve funds have been reallocated.

Boland said this year’s Citizens’ Hall budget was overspent because of heating system repairs. He said that “is a good argument for having a maintenance capital reserve fund,” an idea the Budget Committee has questioned.

Cemetery Trustee Ginny Chrisenton has researched a number of unmarked graves in the older cemeteries and determined who is buried there, which includes several Revolutionary War veterans.

Providing markers for all identified graves is being considered by the Lafayette Artillery Company, the Heritage Commission, and the Cemetery Trustees. It was generally agreed that “everyone should have a marker.”