Ambulance director wasn’t fired; department ‘simply reorganized’

WILTON – In spite of the rumors circulating around town and across the Internet, the Select Board did not fire Ambulance Director Steve Desrochers during or after a non-public meeting with him on March 2.

On Monday, March 9, following consultation with their attorney, the Select Board issued the following statement:

“We have not let Steve Desrosiers go; we have not fired him. We have simply reorganized the department because we felt this was a better way to move forward. We have hired someone with municipal administrative experience and a solid EMS background. This is all about ensuring that the Town’s affairs are managed properly moving forward. Steve is a skilled paramedic, and we are hopeful he will remain a paramedic with the Ambulance Service.”

The person hired by the board is Sherry Miller, most recently the town administrator in Dublin. She is also Deputy Chief of Emergency Services in Antrim. She will begin her new duties around April 1.

The reorganization of the Ambulance Service has been under discussion for several months, as has the hiring of a full-time paramedic. The confusion apparently arose when the Select Board said they were eliminating the position of Director and dividing the duties of that position into two parts – business administration and medical services.

While there have never been any complaints about the service, boards of member towns have commented and offered suggestions concerning the business part of the operation, budgets and allotment of costs between the towns, especially Temple. The ambulance, owned by the Town of Wilton, also serves Lyndeborough and Greenfield.

Desrosiers has been the service director for the past two years.