Wilton voters OK zoning changes

WILTON – On March 10, voters approved a wide variety of zoning changes proposed by the Planning Board. These changes involve wetlands, light manufacturing, heavy manufacturing, the elderly housing district, solar collection systems, and review of impact fees.

Changes in the industrial zones effectively eliminates any industry that “might reasonably be expected to have any adverse impact on surrounding land uses, or property values, or beyond town borders.”

The changes also defines and eliminates heavy industry” from the “Light Manufacturing District.” Heavy Industry becomes a prohibited use.

The age restriction in the Elderly Housing District would rise to 62 from the current 60.

Changes to the wetlands regulations clarify “mean high water level,” “water body,” and “wetlands” to conform with state law.

Ordinances which apply to sanitary system and other setbacks, and area density would be the same for water bodies as wetlands.

The requirements for installation of solar array systems lists requirements for both ground- and roof-mounted systems in each zone, general requirements for design and installation, site plan, buffers, erosion control, and rules for the abandonment of such systems.