Merrimack Girl Scout authors essay

MERRIMACK – Nine-year-old Elise Tribou, who has been a member of Junior Girl Scout Troop 10731 for five years, recently needed to write a “news story” to fulfill one of the five steps required to earn her Scribe badge.

At the same time, she and her fellow scouts were looking for a project they could work on together, without actually being together because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They would come up with the ideal solution: A collaborative mural project, to which every scout could contribute by doing their part in the safety of their homes.

As a bonus, the project would also fit the bill for the “news story” Elise needed to write in pursuit of her Scribe badge.

The mural would come together like clockwork, but to say Elise’s essay also came out very well would actually be an understatement.

“I thought it was so well written that you might consider publishing her story,” Ginger Kozlowski, communications manager with the regional Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains organization, wrote in an email to The Telegraph.

We agreed. So here is Elise’s story, reprinted without any editing. By Elise Tribou

Girl Scout and five-year member of Junior Troop 10731, Merrimack.

“Despite the current coronavirus outbreak, Girl Scout Junior Troop No. 10731 from Merrimack continues to work ‘together.’

“In April, the troop worked together on a collaborative coloring art project. The project consisted of each troop member completing a coloring page which represented a portion of a larger mural. Then they mailed their completed coloring pages to their Troop Leader, Meredith Campbell, who assembled the final 24-page mural like a puzzle.

“Since they were not allowed to have regular meetings in April, this was a fun activity they could do separately while working together on a common goal. The following girls from Troop No. 10731 each colored a page for this project: Sophia, Allie, Emily, Elise, Avery, Allison, Ella, Katie, Delia, Honor, Nora, and Adelle.

The Troop even allowed family members to participate to make an even larger mural. For example, siblings Maria, Alexa, Rachael, Amy, Izzy, Natalie, Adam, Olivia, Paxton, CJ, and Susie also helped to color a page for the mural. All the participants mailed their completed coloring pages to their Troop Leader in the month of April.

“There were several favorite elements of this project. The girls enjoyed the time spent with their siblings coloring their pages together. They also enjoyed seeing the sneak peaks that their Troop Leader posted on the Troopís Facebook page.

“Another interesting part of this project was not knowing the nature of the object you are about to color. Since you are coloring a portion of the mural you do not know if you are coloring a tree, an arm, a leg, or a head. It was really exciting to see how the colors all came together.

“The Troop Leader revealed the completed “Spring Garden” mural at their troop Zoom meeting on May 5. The girls were filled with laughter and smiles when they saw the mural because it was so fun to see all the colors everyone used on their piece. They strongly recommend that other troops, or any group, consider this fun project.

“The troop wants to thank Mrs. Campbell for organizing this fun project for them to do!”

Nicely done, Elise.

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