Two suspects arrested in Milford

MILFORD – On May 14, Milford police arrested Joshua Horvitz, 30 years old, of Milford, New Hampshire. Horvitz is charged with robbery, possession of drugs, resisting arrest, felon in possession of a dangerous weapon and falsifying physical evidence.

Horvitz has a considerable record. He was arrested in Salisbury, Massachusetts in 2013, for negligent driving, failure to stop for police and driving without a license. Prior to that he was arrested for theft by Seabrook, New Hampshire police and as well as Stratham, New Hampshire police on a different theft charge.

Milford police also arrested Michael Burney, 35 years old, of Manchester, New Hampshire. Burney is charged with robbery, possession of drugs, and falsifying physical evidence.

Burney was arrested in 2014, charge with possession of Class A heroin and in 2015 for violation of probation/parole on a possession of suboxone charge.

After the May 14 robbery, Milford Police were able to locate and stop the involved vehicle. Both subjects were arrested. Horvitz and Burney were transported to Valley St. Jail and were given a court date of May 15.

According to Milford police Captain Shawn Pelletier, there was no bail hearing.

“The two suspects are being held on preventative detention,” he said. “They were given no bail amount, so they’ll be sitting for a little while.”

Another court date has not been set.