Know & Tell

BEDFORD — School is out for New Hampshire children. As children begin their summer vacation, Granite Staters challenge all adults to “Be the Difference” for children in the latest “Know & Tell” video. “Know& Tell” is an educational program that teaches adults to ‘know’ the signs of abuse and ‘tell’ responsible authorities when a child needs help by reporting suspicions to the Division for Children, Youth and Families [DCYF].

New Hampshire residents of all ages rallied together as a community to call all adults to take action for child victims of abuse. Children depend on you to be their voice. Sammy, 9 stated, “I need adults to ‘know and tell’ for kid’s safety.”

Hometown celebrity, comedian and Manchester West High school graduate, Seth Meyers made a surprise appearance advocating for the children of New Hampshire. Meyers has been a supporter of “Know & Tell,” even starring in a previous PSA. “Heroes of Elliot Hospital” took a few moments to speak out for the children they care for each day. Other supporters of the “Know & Tell” program include Senator Maggie Hassan and Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Gov. Chris Sununu, a longtime advocate of “Know & Tell” stated, “Here in New Hampshire, all adults are mandated reporters, because that’s what we do. We stand up and help children in their time of need. So, ‘know’ the signs of abuse and ‘tell’ responsible authorities when a child needs help.” In New Hampshire, all adults (18 and older) are mandated by law to report suspicions of abuse and neglect (169-C:29 Persons Required to Report).

The Granite State Children’s Alliance is dedicated to providing awareness and education around child abuse and neglect in New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Network of Child Advocacy Centers served over 1,900 children in 2019.

Will you pledge to “Know & Tell?” Watch the video at https://youtube/hcnJkiGX95o.