Milford Farmers Market to remain open through November

MILFORD – On the heels of a successful summer, Milford farmers market manager Adrienne Colsia announced that the market would stay open through November 21, provided that the weather mostly cooperates.

Colsia said she appreciates that the market is able to conduct business each week thanks to the generosity of Steve Desmarais, who owns the property at 300 Elm Street where the market takes place.

“He’s a gentleman,” she said. “He allows us the use of that property free of charge and even grades it for us in the spring to make sure it’s smooth. He’s very supportive.”

And while times have been tough, attendance for the farmers market has increased.

“It’s been going great,” Colsia said. “All of our vendors are doing well. I have set up a very safe market and people know this and customers feel this.”

Normally, the market closes on Oct. 10 and reopens Nov. 7 indoors. But it’s been decided that in keeping things as safe as possible, the outdoor market will remain open through Nov. 21.

“We’ve never done this before,” Colsia said. “It will certainly be a new thing but we hope that people will appreciate that and appreciate being outdoors.”

While COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, officials fear it may emerge stronger in the winter months with even more outbreaks.

“It might be too difficult to be inside,” Colsia said. “I’ve already booked the dates – I booked them last spring.”

As for inclement weather, Colsia is optimistic they can make it through November without snow.

“I know there may be that odd snowstorm,” she said. “I’m hoping that it won’t be too cold. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we can stay open until the end of November.”

Colsia said new vendors include a bakery and a mac and cheese seller. “Everything Alpaca,” a popular booth, will also be back in the fall full-time.

Seasonal vendors like flowers and perennials will not return but the count as of now is roughly 15 sellers.

“I keep the vendors six feet apart,” Colsia said. “So, I’ve lost quite a few spaces so that’s all we can handle. But the excitement and interest is there. It’s going strong.”

Colsia concurred that people have been couped up and want to get out and go out, but don’t necessarily want to go indoors some place.

“We keep it safe,” she said. “We have free masks and hand sanitizer. We have signs posted to remind people to social distance. People are very cooperative and good about everything.”

For more information, visit www.milfordnhfarmersmarket.com or visit their Facebook page, “Milford Farmers Market of NH.