Milford’s Ledgewood Bay residents and associates are fully vaccinated

MILFORD – Senior living residents and associates at Ledgewood Bay, 43 Ledgewood Drive, have been fully vaccinated after completing their second COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

Residents and associates at Northbridge Communities’ Ledgewood Bay were smiling with their eyes as they received the second and final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Ledgewood Bay. Excitement, relief and gratitude were just a few of the sentiments expressed as vaccines were administered.

When asked about why getting the vaccine is so important many residents and associates expressed a desire to get back to normal, be able to see and hug loved ones, and to keep everyone safe.

Ledgewood Bay Executive Director Melanie Dunn shared, “When the COVID-19 vaccine was offered there was no hesitation on whether or not I would participate. It’s not just about protecting myself, I need to set an example. When you work with a vulnerable population you need to consider their wellbeing as well as the people caring for them. I have an obligation to my team, my residents, and to my family! We all want to live in a world that is safe and begin to see normalcy again.”

After over 10 months of social distancing, mask wearing, and adjusting to a new, and at times challenging, normal everyone is celebrating the chance to get back to what Ledgewood Bay does best-“Living Well and Loving Life, Safely Together.”

From fun photobooths to balloons and special “I’m Vaccinated” stickers, it’s clear the clinic was a celebration for residents and associates. Not only a gift to be among the first priority group in the country to receive the vaccine, but also everything associates and residents collectively accomplished to keep the community safe throughout the pandemic.

Ledgewood Bay associate, Emily McGowan shared that she got the vaccine, “to help our residents not to be fearful and to set an example.”

Ledgewood Bay is proudly committed to the work ahead in ensuring the health and safety of residents, families and associates. That commitment extends to continued mask wearing and adherence to social distancing guidelines.